Who am I?

I'm the one who waste your time by writing here in his free time :]

Most of the tutorials which I share here, I learn them online.

I have some experience in Web Application Security and have been acknowledged by Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mozilla, Twitter, Adobe and many more for responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities to them.

Projects of which I'm a part of

  • Techooid (Upcoming)
  • TopTenMust (Starting in a couple of days)
  • VOMU (Down for some time)


  • I like to watch movies, a lot of them
  • I was also interested in gaming in the past (couple of months ago) and have been a successful small trader in CS:GO but now I've left It for some time for focusing on the projects along with this site.

Just in-case you want to add me on Steam, feel free to send a request here

Social profiles

You can follow me on Twitter(@omiqbu) If you like, I usually don't tweet - so won't be spamming your timeline ;)

That is all from a simple random guy (-_-)