Best ways to learn Python

Python is one of the most powerful language out there. It is easy to learn and also interesting, That is why most people choose Python over other languages. I myself have learnt some of the Python and still learning It because I really love It for being too powerful and easy.

Reasons to choose Python

If you're still wondering that whether you should Python or any other language, I'd suggest Python for the following reasons

  • Easy to learn
  • Powerful & Interesting
  • Huge library for almost anything
  • Nice documentation
  • Also have nice web frameworks (Django, Flask etc.) for building websites
  • Free and Flexible
  • Portable
  • Some of the top sites like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Quora etc. use it
  • Much more

There are a lot of ways to learn Python. Some of them have a price tag with them and some of them are not good enough for a beginner to understand. In this article I'd be sharing some of the best ways to learn Python for free.

1: YouTube

YouTube is the king in terms of free video tutorials. You can find hundreds of tutorials of different languages out there. Same applies for Python, It is filled with a lot of tutorials both for Python 2 and 3. Following are some of the best YouTube channels which you can checkout in order to learn Python or any other language.

2: Book

If you're more into learning from books, then I'd recommend the book Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw. This book covers all the necessary stuff about Python 2 which a beginner need.

One more book (online) which you can check out is How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition. It also includes images and live code viewer (to run the example codes) along with Check your understanding sections in page's end.

3: Other Websites

If you would like to learn Python by doing It on the spot, then Codeacademy is what you're looking for. Codeacademy's python course pretty much covers all the syntax and basics that a beginner should know in order to start.

Another cool website to discuss here would be Tutorials Point, check them too. They also cover a lot of stuff related to Python.

4: Python Documentation

Every language comes with Its official documentation. Python also have a documentation website but major part of It is reference to the language and Its modules. It is not the best way to learn Python but If you want to learn more about the language Itself and Its modules then this is a good place. It also have a tutorial page which covers basic stuff.

Before ending the post, I'd say that nothing above would benefit you until you start writing the code yourself. Even if you only know basic stuff like printing of performing calculations, you should write the code yourself in a text editor or an IDE and run It. Whenever you get stuck, search for It on Google. When you're still unable to find solution, go to stackoverflow. If you don't know about stackoverflow then get yourself familiar with this website as you'll be going to use this a lot in future.

Things can also get a little boring in the start. When I was learning Python, I was demotivated by the thought that It would take a lot of time before I could actually start building something cool but believe me If you start practicing the code yourself instead of just watching videos or reading books, It'll keep you motivated plus you'll learn a lot from your mistakes.

Let me know in the comments If any of the above method suits you and you've already started your journey :)